FLEXFIT led kit

for easy and fast retrofitting of fluorescent fixtures

Fluorescent lamps consume a lot of electricity, create insufficient illumination in the room and have a pulsation that leads to dryness and pain in the eyes, fatigue, loss of concentration and attention. Led lighting do not have all these disadvantages, but their cost remains at a high level. Our company has designed a unique solution that allows you to solve the problem of retrofitting outdated fixtures with minimal investment – after replacement, the illumination of the room improves, and the energy consumption is reduced by 50-60%!

The FLEXFIT led kit allows you to easily and quickly replace outdated fluorescent tubes in lighting fixtures, without removing the old lamp body. To replace the old fluorescent tubes, it is enough to remove the contents of the lamp and connect the led kit directly to the power source. The FLEXFIT led kit is attached to the lamp housing using special magnets, and the clips ensure a fast and reliable connection of the lines between themselves and the power driver. The high quality of the components ensures the stable operation of the lamps during the entire service life.

Comparison of technical characteristics of a 600×600 office lighting fixture with standard fluorescent lamps, and after its upgrade with FLEXFIT led kit.

Product name Standard fluorescent lighting fixture (4 fluorescent  tubes 600 mm each x 18 W) FLEXFIT led kit for retrofitting (4 led light bars 500 mm each 8 W + driver)
Light output 2400-3000 Lm 3500 Lm
Electricity consumption per hour (luminaire power) 72 W 32 W
Service life 6000-12000 hours 30000-50000 hours
Colour rendering index 70-80 70-80
Emission spectrum Linear (intermittent) Continuous
Ignition duration 3-5 seconds Immediately
Flickering Yes No
Sensitivity to power surges and power failures Yes No
Harmful components Yes No

Benefits of retrofitting fluorescent fixtures with the FLEXFIT led kit

1. After replacing the fluorescent tubes with the FLEXFIT led kit, the lighting fixture light output increases, overall illumination of the room increases.

2. After upgrade, the lighting fixture power consumption is reduced by 55% from 72 to 32 watts per hour.

3. The service life of the FLEXFIT led kit is several times higher than fluorescent tubes and is 30000-50000 hours. Long service life is achieved through the integration of advanced technological solutions and the use of high-quality imported components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

4. Fluorescent tubes are not environmentally friendly because they contain mercury vapors. According to the rules of sanitary and hygienic standards, used fluorescent lamps must be collected and stored in special containers and specially equipped rooms. Legal entities must keep records of used lamps and enter into a contract with the recycling company. Led lamps do not have all the above requirements as they are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic components, so they are safe to use and do not require special collection and disposal.

5. The operating temperature of the fluorescent tubes is from +5 C to +25 C, and the FLEXFIT led kits work even at low temperatures.

6. The color rendering index (the correctness of displaying natural colors in lighting) in both cases is 70-80, which is a high indicator.

7. Fluorescent tubes have a linear (intermittent) emission spectrum, and the FLEXFIT led kit is comfortable for the eyes – continuous. The emission spectrum has a significant impact on people’s performance and safety. A person needs a balanced light that is as close to natural as possible. The wide range makes it easy to recognize colors and shapes of items, which reduces stress and fatigue and, consequently, reduces the risk of failure in production.

8. The duration of the ignition of fluorescent tubes is from 3 to 5 seconds, while the FLEXFIT led kit lights up instantly.

9. Fluorescent tubes are subject to light pulsations – this leads to rapid fatigue, dryness and pain in the eyes, reduces concentration and attention. FLEXFIT led kits do not have pulsation, which has a positive effect on overall performance.

10. Fluorescent tubes are sensitive to power surges and power failures. The power driver of the FLEXFIT led kit has protection against current overloads, microsecond energy pulses, and short circuits.