GROWLIGHT solutions

for city farms and agricultural enterprises

Our research and development in the field of lighting for commercial gardening has allowed us to create lighting fixtures with different color spectra that have a positive effect on the development of the root system, growth, and flowering of plants. Growlight solves the problems of the slow growth of crops on urban farms and agro-industrial enterprises. The development and configuration of lighting are carried out according to the individual requirements of the customer depending on the types of cultivated plants and the goals of the enterprise.

City farms

Vertical urban farms allow you to grow food on vertically inclined surfaces, which makes it possible to integrate these farms into skyscrapers, install them on the roofs or ground floors of buildings, or in cargo containers. Vertical farming is becoming the answer to the global problem of overpopulation and food shortages in many places on the planet where there is insufficient arable land. Thanks to innovative technologies including hydroponics (solution of nutrients instead of soil), climate control system and special lighting that allows you to completely replace sunlight, vertical farming allows you to grow healthy plants without pesticides and insects, saves space and reduces water consumption by 70%. These farms do not depend on environmental conditions and allow you to produce crops all year round.

Our company has developed a solution for vertical farms that helps not only increase yields, but also affect a wide range of variables – such as the speed of root germination, shape, color, and taste properties. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the range of lighting colors is adjusted. The Growlight module for vertical farms is designed specifically for use in closed cultivation environments. Our collaboration with universities, research companies, and urban farmers have allowed us to develop several modules with different spectra depending on the type of plant.

Technical parameters

Photosynthetic efficiency 3.0 μmol/J
Power consumption 30W
Dimensions 130x3x3 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Initial Photon Flux 83 μmol/s
Power Input 120-277 VaC, 50-60 Hz
Power Factor ⩾0.95
Rated Average Lifetime 30000 hours
Protection rating IP67