Solutions for display cases and racks lighting

There are many factors that influence consumer behavior in the store. However, often the decision to buy is made on an emotional level, so the visual component plays an important role. Studies have shown that proper store lighting increases sales by 20-30%, so it is important not only good lighting but also the right color temperature depending on the type of product, zoning and uniformity of lighting. Our company has developed a series of professional lighting fixtures for lighting trade halls, showcases, and racks in supermarkets. These lighting fixtures are guaranteed to reduce energy costs (up to 60% in comparison with fluorescent lamps) and increase sales in retail chains, they are durable and easy to install on showcases and racks using special magnets. Our solutions are successfully used in different countries of the world, among the company’s clients are such well-known retailers as The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Metro, Vanguard and Lotus.

Food showcase lighting

It is known that after a certain period of finding food on the counter or showcase, they begin to lose their marketable appearance, which becomes the reason for the rejection of customers, so you need proper lighting of the food group, which allows you to emphasize the natural color of products and slows down the process of their aging. Precisely selected color temperature allows you to improve the appearance of products, and LEDs have a strong antibacterial effect on the main pathogens of food origin. Our range includes lighting fixtures with different shades of color: red and white for meat products highlighting with a special range of 76-79, warm white 3000K for bakery products and cheese highlighting, white 4500K for dairy products highlighting and cold white 6500K for fish and seafood. To achieve the desired effect, you can add or mix colors.

Benefits in comparison with fluorescent lamps

In comparison with fluorescent lamps, energy savings when using LED lighting is 50-60%.
Increasing the attractiveness of products allows you to increase sales by 20-30%.
Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lighting fixtures do not have ultraviolet radiation and heat which adversely affects the safety of food.
Slows down the aging process of products due to the strong antibacterial effect of LEDs.
Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lighting fixtures do not have mercury or other harmful substances.
Easy installation and disassembly using special magnets, replacement of elements are carried out within two minutes.
The high brightness of the bars is achieved thanks to powerful LEDs.
In comparison with fluorescent lamps, the service life is several times longer and is equal to 30000-50000 hours.
Wide operating range 110-265V with no need to connect additional power sources.

Lighting in stores with different product categories

An attractive trading floor keeps customers in the store so it is important to create comfortable conditions for them. Correctly selected color temperature and directed light become effective marketing tools in the fight for increased sales. In addition, it is important to correctly display the natural colors of products in the window. For example, cosmetics stores need lighting that conveys shades as accurately as possible, which avoids errors and refunds from customers. And jewelry stores need spotlighting that allows you to profitably demonstrate jewelry, precious stones and metals. Our company is ready to offer effective and profitable solutions for any industry.